Zainab case phansi

The accused is a carpenter and lived in the neighbourhood. He has been living in the same house for three years. It is strange that no one recognised him from the CCTV footage, bad tape and beard shaved post-Zainab murder notwithstanding. Certain points need to be viewed here. One, understanding what DNA means. A DNA is a certain number defining polymorphism of an individual.

zainab case phansi

No two individuals carry the exact same DNA in the world to one exception only: identical twins. This was substantiated by Dawn in in the news report that stated earlier the culprit having assaulted Zainab had also done the same to Iman. Whereas one Mudassir was killed by police allegedly in an encounter upon being taken in custody for raping and murdering Iman. January 25, DNA in any case is corroborative evidence, not primary. The important question here must be to identify the killer and the ring around him if one exists.

Was Imran a handler for the culprits who may be suppliers to end users? Or was he the main culprit himself? The startling news by Dr Shahid Masood created a hue and cry among people, some believed while some vehemently opposed him. He also stated that a Punjab minister was member of this gang. He claimed that the arrested Imran has 37 bank accounts most of which are in foreign currency.

He has challenged the theory of the arrested being mentally challenged instead he is claims him to be member of an international ring. Singling him out to deride him on social media and other forums cannot be condoned. Whether this evidence stands the test of court scrutiny is for the court to decide. Any comment on the quality of evidence provided is mere speculation till it is known via court decision. Looking at the bigger picture, if one recalls, the Kasur pornography child scandal case is still pending with four accused granted bail on grounds of benefit of doubt.

This known case came to light inspanning a period from to in Hussain Khanwala village in the District of Kasur. The footage was sold or used to blackmail their impoverished families. Pedophilia and resulting sex scandals are unfortunately not a new phenomenon — this applies to the world not just Pakistan.

According to Fox News the Pope was addressing the accusations against Bishop Juan Barros that claim he was complicit in covering up the alleged sex crimes committed by Rev Frenando Karadima.

There is a deeply crippling side to the case: failure of the investigative system and the state machinery to act without social media and mainstream media pressure reacting harshly to the case. A sad aspect has been tweets by at least two known individuals that can only be deemed as unkind to Zainab and her family and this is an understement.

The court decision to put a stop to is a welcome step. What is the development on this aspect of the case? A very harsh punishment needs to be meted out as per law in either case. In cases where police claimed some to be child rapist and murder that has now been proved wrong, what steps are to be taken against those in police doing this and what were the causes that they did this?They wanted to see each other, but Tihar Jail authorities denied the permission.

Sources inside the high-security prison, which went into a lockdown mode prior to the most anticipated execution of the four men convicted for the brutal gang-rape and murder of a year-old medical student intold IANS that at around 12 midnight, the hangman from Meerut, Pawan Jallad, was allowed to see the faces of all the four convicts, whom he was to execute in the next five-and-a-half hours, for the first time.

At 1 am, Akshay wanted to meet Mukesh, but he was denied permission by the head warden. He caught a glimpse of the hangman, when he passed by and wanted to know about the new face roaming around. The head warden told him that he was just another prison staff. Tihar Jail Director General Sandeep Goel confirmed that none of the death row convicts managed to sleep even as their lawyer was making last ditch efforts in the Supreme Court to save them somehow.

Vinay had kept sitting in his cell. By then, paramilitary personnel were deployed outside the Tihar Jail complex in order to prevent any untoward incident, even as the four convicts prepared for their final journey from their cell to the execution platform, more than seven years after their heinous crime led to judicial reforms in India's rape laws. But all of them turned down the proposal. The four convicts underwent a medical check-up, which established that they were fit to bear the punishment handed out to them.

Meanwhile, the jail superintendent also checked for any letter or notice which could have prevented the execution, but no such document was received by the jail authorities. During this time, none of the other prisoners were allowed to leave their respective cells. The District Magistrate, Medical Examiner, Jail Superintendent and 10 other jail officials were present in the execution chamber.

Tihar sources said that none of the four convicts expressed any last wish. The convicts were then mounted on the scaffold and placed directly under the beam to which the ropes were attached. They were now under executioner Pawan's watch, who strapped their legs tightly together and adjusted the rope around their necks. After the execution, the bodies of the four men remained suspended for half-an-hour and were taken down at 6 a.

The hangings for which the entire nation waited with bated breath finally took place at 5. They were declared dead at 6. Following the hangings, the executioner Pawan Jallad stated, "I am feeling happy after hanging the four convicts. I had waited for this moment for a long time. With this, justice has finally been imparted to India's daughter, Nirbhaya.Protesters in the Pakistani city of Kasur took to the streets for the third day Friday over the rape and murder of 7-year-old Zainab Amin, whose body was uncovered on a pile of garbage this week, days after she was reported missing.

According to an autopsy report, Zainab was sodomized and strangled to death. Pakistan Today reported Saturday that police arrested three suspects in the case, but the man seen leading Zainab away in surveillance video given to police by family remains at large. On Sunday, authorities released a sketch of the man they believe picked her up.

The suspect is said to be between years old. Officials are waiting on DNA results to confirm. Three boys were also raped and murdered in the district around the same time, according to Khan. Initially, officials said Zainab was the 12th victim to be raped and killed in Kasur, Pakistan, in two years. The details above were confirmed Sunday. At least 90 potential suspects have had their DNA tested.

Thirty-four were abductions, 23 were rapes, 19 involved sodomy, 17 were attempted rapes, six abduction and rapes, and four abduction and gang rapes. But the protests quickly turned violent. Some demonstrators set vehicles on fire, destroyed buildings and at least two people died in clashes with police.

Some shared photos and video of the 7-year-old. What hurts the most that she was walking with that monster and believed to be safe. People around the world are raising their voice to seek justice for Zainab.

zainab case phansi

JusticeForZainab pic. How many zainabs will it take to stop this? How many more daughters will be sacrificed? I can't believe this animal is moving around freely. This is justice? A bunch of politician tweeting will not help in catching the criminal. Please come out and use your power. Sexual harassment, molestation, kidnapping, physical assault, and bullying are some of the risks young children are exposed to on a daily basis require ongoing education to help the children bring it to the notice of a responsible adult.Islamabad, Pakistan CNN Police in Pakistan have arrested a suspect in connection with the killing of Zainab Amin, a seven-year-old girl whose death prompted widespread protests.

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Pakistan town mourns after young girl's murder Authorities in the city of Kasur in eastern Punjab province announced the detention of a year-old man, named only as Imran, in connection with the killing of Zainab and a number of other girls.

Sharif said Imran's DNA was a match with samples found on Zainab's body, which was dumped in garbage about meters feet from her home. She appeared to have been raped, he said. Sharif said authorities had profiled 1, DNA samples and were confident they had caught the girl's killer. Before the arrest, Pakistani authorities said they suspected a serial killer between the ages of 25 and 35 may have been responsible for murdering Zainab.

Sharif said the suspect was accused of seven other attacks. He did not specify how many of them died but CNN understands from family members that that at least four were killed. The sketch of the man authorities believe picked up Zainab. Zainab disappeared earlier this month in the northeastern Paksitani district of Kansur after being taken near her home.

After authorities found her, an autopsy confirmed she had been strangled and suggested she had been sexually assaulted, the medical officer who carried out the examination, Dr. Quratulain Atique, told CNN.

zainab case phansi

Zainab's face bore torture marks and her tongue was crushed between her teeth, Atique said. Pakistani students light candles during a protest rally to condemn the rape and killing of Zainab Ansari, an 8-year-old girl.

The community has since been living in fear and has accused police of mishandling the crises. Anger due to the slow response from authorities kicked off massive, deadly protests. Acknowledging protests in the wake of Zainab's death, Sharif said: "I know that this situation was politicized.

I beg everyone that such fragile, sensitive, heart breaking stories shouldn't be politicized. When asked about the accusations that police failed to act on previous attacks on girls in Kasur, Sharif said: "I agree that there should be accountability for the previous seven girls who were attacked by this serial killer and rapist.

Those families will all get justice. Zainab's father, Muhammad Amin Ansari, thanked all those who helped make the arrest in connection with his daughter's death, adding that he was in Saudi Arabia on pilgrimage when he found out Zainab had vanished.

zainab case phansi

I want to thank all agencies who have helped in arresting the killer," he said at the press conference. Kasur district was previously at the center of a child sexual abuse scandal in which a gang of up to 25 men was accused of blackmailing scores of children into making sex videos between and The abuse was uncovered in and a number of suspects were arrested.Her parents had gone to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, and the girl was living with her aunts.

It was later revealed by the police that the minor was kidnapped on January 5, and her body was found from a garbage pile near Shahbaz Road after four days. According to the initial postmortem report, the minor was strangled to death after being raped multiple times. People have taken to social media to voice their anger at this horrendous crime which has become a norm in the city of Kasur. Nadia Jamil, a famous TV performer deplored the silence of the administration every single time an incident like this happened and questioned the acceptance of child abuse in the society.

Her parents performing Umrah, will come home for her funeral. How long will we b silent abt child abuse? How many Zainabs will it take? Age 7. Raped,killed,found in trash of Qasur. Her parents performing Umrah,will cm home 4 her funeral. Justice4Zainab pic. Calling on the law enforcement agencies to apprehend the culprits, social media is rife with demands of publically punishing and hanging the monsters that dared commit such a crime. This is what we need, no awareness campaign or words ever help.

A similar incident occured in Iran last year where a seven-year-old, Atena Aslani was assaulted,killed and dumped ,to which the Irani government openly hanged the assaulter infront of a large crowd.

This is what we need,no awareness campaign or words ever help. How can we champion of ghairat allow this to happen in our country on our watch, hang yourselves in Shame.

Heartbroken …. We should not forget this. We should not forget this!!!! The perpetrator should be burnt or hanged!!!!!! What is interesting to note is that even though social media was full of people condemning the incident, calling on the authorities to take relevant action as soon as possible and punish the criminals, the political elite of the country sprung into action only after the uproar by the masses.

I hope and pray the culprits are not only brought to justice but made an example of. Absolutely heartbreaking — creating a helpless anger in so many of us. JusticeForZainab pic.

JusticeForZainab she was only 7 years old!!! Pingback: Minor girl raped, murdered in Kasur - News Channels. My seven years old daughter is sitting beside me drawing mountains ,snow, hills ,flowers saying me our world is too beautiful. I bet that man would not be catched and if he would, he be escaped due to benefit of doubt.

She was too young kill those monsters who did this. I am dreadful of hearing such thing. Could a human be so cruel with such hoples poor little girl? What bad she has done to have experienced such ugly, tidious, unforgettable and hilarious deed?

What else should they do to continue be left not apprehended or condemned? Raise your awareness government people, your family could be next suffering if you take no action… What goes around, comes around.

This news sucks my blood from heart and bones. I am shocked to think about what kind of animals this society is creating.Privacy Policy Disclaimer. Siasat Home. Forums New posts Search forums.

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Pakistan police arrest suspect in Zainab murder case

Search forums. Log in. Total Cases. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Little Zainab's murderer hanged in Kot Lakhpat Jail. Thread starter khalid Start date Oct 17, Last edited by a moderator: Oct 17, What a shaetaan how a human can get so evil to do such horrific crime on cute little baby girls. V vvv sad for victims families its heartbreaking incidences. By giving quick judgement and hanging i salute police n judiciary for doing excellant hard work to resolve this menace to final conclusion.

A warning to other sickos. Oh, that's nice Itni jaldi phansi dena shakook paida kar gaya hai Asal mujram bach gaye Is ki phansi se baqi mujramano nay Sukh ka sans liya ho ga.

Humi said:. Yeh Shabaz kaya Imran Ali Rapist say kum hai, is ko bhi latkao Is kay bhai nay aur is nay pori Kom ki rape kiya hai Inko bhi latkao Great doubts.

The darker side of Zainab’s case

Whoever was behind it,one thing is for sure that this bastard was the murderer and rapist. Aliimran1 said:. This oily treat is life saver for breakfast.

Ji Pakistan army ke sarey dictators ko article 6 mai latkaney ke baad woh bhi karengey. I am not a fan of halwa poori We are pakistanis here and eat solid pakistani nashta. Exactly my thoughts, I dont think this guy did all the abductions by himself!The four convicts of Delhi gang rape case were on Thursday shifted to four separate single cells inside jail number 3 of Tihar. Jail officers said that while the hanging courtyard phansi kotha is also in jail number 3, the transfer of the four prisoners on Thursday does not mean that they will be hanged immediately.

The four convicts are lodged in single cells that have at least two CCTV cameras and are guarded by jail guards round-the-clock. Until Thursday afternoon, Pawan, Akshay and Mukesh were lodged in jail number 2 while Vinay was in jail 3. The Delhi High Court on Thursday directed the city police to look into safety and security around two Metro stations—Vinobhapuri and Badarpur—after it was informed that the stretch is dark and isolated and instances of eve-teasing have been taking place.

A bench of Justice GS Sistani and Justice AJ Bhambhani asked the Deputy Commissioner of Police Legal Cell to look into the issue after the amicus curiae, advocate Meera Bhatia, informed the court that she had received an email highlighting incidents of harassment that take place at these two Metro stations because the areas are dark and isolated. The court was hearing a plea which it had initiated itself after the December 16 gang rape in Union Home Ministry is processing the mercy petition of one of the four gang rape and murder case convicts, Mukesh Singh, officials said.

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